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Vindale Research Scam

Established in 2004, Vindale Research offers daily market research studies, product evaluations, video studies, pay-to-click email offers and more.

So I know what you are thinking, is this Vindale Research Scam true? I mean if there is a Vindale Research Scam Report there must be a Vindale Research Scam. But the answer is not necessarily. A lot of people who have problems with these companies are actually competitors, or consumers who never took the time to read the terms.

The fact of the matter is that huge companies that we all buy products and services pay companies like Vindale Research to conduct studies on their behalf. So if you are worried about the Vindale Research Scam, fear not.

Due to their large size, Vindale Research is able to host a wide variety of offers. These offers fall into two categories: free, no-credit-cared-required offers (studies, video studies, RewardMail, profile surveys) and credit-card-required offers (product evaluations). Once you earn $50, you may request a payment via PayPal or check.

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Vindale Research business profile
Vindale Research
243 Fifth Avenue, Suite 541
New York, NY 10016

When we registered for a Vindale account, we were asked to enter our gender, year of birth and ZIP code. Then we hit “Begin survey.”

After that we were asked to enter our email address, first and last names, street address, city, state, ZIP code, country and password. Then we were prompted to select the terms and privacy policy opt in and to hit “Continue.”

We were then shown a new member questionnaire. We were asked to answer the six yes or no questions and hit “Continue.” Then, we were asked if we wanted to receive information about special offers. After answering the 20 yes or no questions we hit “Continue.”

Then we checked our inbox for a confirmation email with a link to confirm our email address.

Overall, it’s a pretty long process.

Website experience
On the Vindale website, offers are broken down into surveys (also called product evaluations), studies, profile studies, email offers, and video surveys. They also have a section called Vindale deals, which are coupons.

Vindale pays decently, and will pay up as much as $75 for their product evaluations. Once your account reaches $50 you are eligible to be paid by PayPal or cash. The website is well organized and easy to navigate. Some of their descriptions do get a bit wordy though.

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